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Comprehensive 4-year warranty on SYM scooters, covering mechanical and electrical components, with contact info for claims.

Regulations for obtaining and maintaining a motorcycle leaner licence vary significantly between states.

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LA Category Information

LA Category is a special vehicle classification for scooters under 50cc, provided under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989.

They pass different requirements for brakes, lights, speedometer, and noise. They are restricted to 50 km/h in ALL states and are NOT tested for safe operation at higher speeds.


Holders of a car licence may ride LA Category scooters with no additional 2-wheel training or special driving licensing requirements.


LA Category scooters can only be ridden after conducting training and passing the appropriate motorcycle test.

Please see your dealer for more information.

It is a federal offence for a motorcycle dealer to sell an LA category scooter for road use in a derestricted form.

Under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989, the owner may be fined up to $13,700 per vehicle.