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Comprehensive 4-year warranty on SYM scooters, covering mechanical and electrical components, with contact info for claims.

The Rich History of SYM

The rich history of SYM dates back to 1961 when it was founded in Taiwan.

Today, SYM stands as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of scooters, with quality-accredited factories and a workforce of approximately 2,400 employees.

  • Founded in 1954 in Taiwan.
  • Manufacturing plants in Taiwan, Vietnam and China
  • Subsidiaries in Italy , Germany and China
  • Selling in 90 countries around the world.
  • Impressive daily production of over 2,500 scooters.

Commitment to Research and Development

A cornerstone of SYM’s success is their unwavering commitment to Research and Development (R&D), regularly introducing innovative products to the market. SYM’s R&D efforts:

  • Emphasis on continuous innovation.
  • Introduction of cutting-edge products.
  • Manufacturing plants in Taiwan and China.

Sanyang Industry Co., LTD. - The Foundation of SYM

Sanyang Industry Co. was established in 1954 in Neihu, Taipei. Their journey from producing bicycle generator lights to becoming a leading player in the motorcycling industry is remarkable:

  • Founded in 1954.
  • Evolution from bicycle lights to motorcycles.
  • Joint venture with Honda in 1962. – Joint venture with Honda for four decades.
  • Joint venture with Hyundai since 2002.
  • OEM agreement with Kia since 2014.

SYM's Commitment to Sustainability

SYM is not only focused on crafting exceptional vehicles but also on sustainability efforts that benefit the environment.

  • Adherence to Taiwan’s environmental protection standards.
  • Advanced waste disposal facilities in their factories.
  • Development of “green products” for fuel efficiency and recyclability.
  • Significant investment in addressing environmental concerns.

SYM's Global Reach and Impact

SYM has a significant global presence, with partnerships and a strong customer base worldwide.

  • Partnerships with leading institutions worldwide.
  • Annual sales revenue exceeding 1 billion dollars.
  • Production of more than 1 million motorcycles per year.

Purchasing Confidence in SYM

When you purchase a SYM scooter, you can do so with confidence, knowing that your unit is backed by an industry leader and local SYM dealers. SYM’s commitment to customer support is unwavering.


3 Chung Hua Road, Hukou, Hsinchu County, Taiwan 30352, R.O.C.

Overseas Subsidiaries

Vietnam, Mainland China, Italy, Germany

Main Products

Automobiles, Motorcycles, Mobile Products, Parts / Accessories