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  • SYM Australia is very proud to be distributing SYM scooters, the market leader and oldest manufacturer in Taiwan.
  • The only FOUR-YEAR WARRANTY for scooters, SYM Australia has lead the way*. Warranty-related concerns are efficiently managed by your supplier, and you can always contact us at info@scoo­ta.com.au for additional information.
  • Our four-year warranty covers manufacturing errors leading to mechanical failure for a full four years.
  • The second two years coverage is exclusive to the original owner and is non-transferable.
  • Note that for SUBSEQUENT OWNERS, the warranty reverts to a two-year term from the original purchase date.
  • Our warranty protects your scooter for up to 40,000 KILOMETRES,
    • excluding batteries and consumable items.
    • For a more detailed warranty policy, please refer to SYM SCOOTA WARRANTY POLICY

Your satisfaction and trust in our products are our top priorities.