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Have a read below at some of our testimonials

MaxSYM400i – Guy

5 stars – I have just had a chat with Hollie from SYM scooters. I asked 101 questions which were nearly all answered. Then she passed me over to her brother for a chat. Great service and they seem real genuine people who care. Thank you both for helping to choose my next SYM. I currently own the 300i Firenze and am now looking at the maxi 400 zoom zoom zoom…

Jolie – Andrew

Big shout out for Hollie from Sym. Amazing customer service. Answered my email enquiry, provided the help and advice I was after and was only too happy to help. Big bike brands and others in the industry take note – this is how it’s done. And if you other guys do get an email from a potential customer, be smart enough to answer. In the digital age this is how business is done, won, lost, or kept, but you guys don’t seem to get it. Thanks again Hollie and Sym. You deserve every success.

MaxSYM400i – Reiker Master

I picked up my brand new white MAXSYM 400i with ABS on the 21st of December. Updating from a SYM HD200.

As you can guess I am a happy SYM owner and the MAXSYM 400i has met all my expectations.

The staff at Select Scooters could not have been more helpful answering my MaxSym questions. As well as letting me know when they would be arriving in Australia.

The plus for me is purchasing the MAXSYM from Brighton Bikes and Bikes as the service is excellent. They know and love the SYM products.

The MAXSYM 400i is luxury on wheels. The brakes are fantastic, and the lights front and back make you feel safe.

Riding down the highway in an 80km speed zone I looked down to see I was cruising at 90km an hour. It did not feel like it, so smooth. I will need to watch my speed to avoid a ticket. I am rapt with this scooter; it is a real head turner. It even has automatic headlights and a hazard switch.

All I have shown it to comment on the quality of the scooter and how good it looks.


I am looking forward to some nice long trips on this scooter once it is run in.

Firenze300i – Barry R Lowther

I wish to write to you concerning the SYM 300i that I purchase from Teller Automotive Group of Port Melbourne, early in June 2011.

No, I’m NOT writing to complain, I’m actually writing to inform you of the delight I have experienced since purchasing this scooter. I have ridden scoters for some 53 years commencing with a Lambretta at the age of 16 whilst I was growing up in the UK. THIS ONE IS THE BEST EVER!

I actually traded in a Suzuki Burgman 650cc, which was less than 12 months old, on this machine. My principle reason for doing so was the absolute weight of the Suzuki, and the lack of drivability it had in city traffic! Yes, the Suzuki was brilliant on the open road and my long distance trips, but this SYM beats it hand down for pure driving pleasure, ease of use and economy at ALL times in everyday use as well as the longer distances covered.


They all said I was crazy and that it could not be done! I wanted to take my SYM Jolie on a bit of a long drive. I packed my backpack, tied on my sleeping bag and swag and strapped on enough fuel for 3 extra tanks. I was all set. I left Darwin and headed south down the Stuart Highway. I rode my trusty little overloaded scoota through the desert outback and centre of Australia. I camped out along the way only occasionally stopping at a motel for that luxurious shower and a real bed. I completed the north south crossing of this vast continent of ours and turned left and headed for Melbourne. I finally arrived at my destination in the early hours of day nine. What an adventure that had been.

Although everyone tells me that scootas were not made for such a trip, I can tell you that although the top speeds were only slow, the scoota was a unique way to fully experience the outback of Australia. The only incident was a nail in the rear tyre out of Adelaide. Roadside assist had me on my way soon enough. 4000 kilometres from start to finish. So if you are up for a real challenge and a bit of adventure, then hop on your scoota now and hit the open road.

Mio 100 – Joanna and Marzena

Some people spend weeks researching their scoota purchase, asking friends, family and any stranger who will listen which model they should buy. Not for us. The Mio was a love at first sight purchase, so there really was no buying decision at all apart from “which colour??” We ended up going home with one orange and one green. To be honest, we did consider Vespa (before we laid eyes on the Mio), but after seeing the price tag and warranty they very quickly became less desirable.

After such an emotionally inspired purchase, pessimists might predict things could only go downhill from here. But quite the opposite has proven true, and as so often happens – the pessimists were wrong! Our little Mio’s have been nothing but a pleasure to ride, and with over 1000 total kilometres of Melbourne winter kilometres already on the clock they are yet to skip a beat.

Both of us have been using them to commute to work in the Melbourne CBD each day (which is about 25 kilometres return) and they really are the perfect transport. Being very thin and light makes Mio easy to weave to the front of traffic, and the 100cc engine is surprisingly fast on take off. And the extra few minutes gained from getting to work early is certainly welcome, with a hot coffee to warm our hands!

Another great thing about the Mio is the number of features we have gradually found over the first few weeks. For instance, the first time we both rode at night we noticed our speedo’s were different colors! As it turns out, Mio’s dash lights up a different colour every time – how cool is that? And it even has an engine immobiliser under the seat! The security key is also a great feature when parking somewhere overnight.

When compared to a car, our Mio’s really are practical in every way. The one thing I was worried about was servicing, but after my first service cost just over $100 I am quite happy. In order to satisfy the warranty, we were told the Mio must be serviced every 2500 kilometres, which equates to just under six months commuting for Marzena and I – very cheap and it only took one hour. As far as fuel economy goes, we are both getting over 120 kilometres from the 4 litre tank (although the indicator says empty at around 100 there is a lot of reserve). 

The one thing that did annoy both of us was the placement of the fuel cap, but after a couple of weeks we have become used to this and no longer think about it. So, all in all we are over the moon with our Mio’s and haven’t looked back once. Actually we have looked back, but only in our mirrors to laugh at the people in cars and stuck in traffic!

MaxSYM400i – Les Parker

Yes I have my Maxsym and I love it. Boy has it got some grunt. Love it. I still have my Firenze and trying not to part with it…pressure from you know who!

The Firenze is a superb Scooter and at its best around town. It’s light, agile, fast away from the lights and cheap to run and looks great. I love it. I go shopping on it with my top box. I cannot work out why there aren’t more of these on the road?

But the Maxsym is another story let me tell you. I find it a bit heavy for me at 64 but it also a good around town machine. I read one review where they said it was slower off the mark than their previous 300i. I haven’t found that at all. It screams to 80 k’s in an instant. Wow, what grunt. And 60 k’s, well you are there before you look down at the speedo. Incredible. My family laugh at me and my scooters. They rode the Maxsym and there was dead silence when they came back. No more rubbishing the old man.

I took the Maxsym up the hills outside Townsville yesterday for a bit a hill climb. I used to own a Honda Jazz car and I remember shifting down gears to get up the steep grades. The Max just flew up the mountain. Never once did it back off. I had to slow back on the throttle to pull the horses back. Amazing. The Firenze needs a bit of stick up hills but the Max…wow! It just kept powering.

It cruises beautifully at 100-120 k’s. Wind protection is good too. Where the Firenze can do highway work very well, the Max is made for it. Superb.

Like what else can you say about the Max. On the road for under $8,000 new and 4 years warranty. What great value. And the brakes. Gee don’t they pull you up. Wonderful breaking system. Also I was intrigued with the park brake on the Max. The dealer was also. It works well though. It makes the bike more stable to handle in parking mode. This is where I find the Max at its heaviest. I use the high stands to park my bike and the park brake keeps the bike stable when I jump it up onto the stand. The bike will not move if you try to take off with the park brake on. Works good!

The riding position is something I had to come to grips with as the handle bars and rear view mirrors are more in your face than the Firenze. Because the rear view mirrors are closer, it gives me a better view so the are more effective than the Firenze where they are down beside the wind shield and further way. The handle bars are further away too. Foot position on the Max is more comfy I must say.

This Maxsym is a great bike and I would urge commuters to take one on board and leave the bloody car where it belongs…either in a car yard or at home in your garage. If they don’t want a bigger bike like the Maxsym it has to be a Firenze. Both superb Scooters I would not be without.

Many thanks for your assistance in bringing the Max to Townsville in short notice like you did and it’s so good to see your brand name flying in the wind out front of your dealers yard here.

Mio 100 – Jill Brown

Hi Hollie I saw you at the Scooter Expo on Saturday . You asked me to send you the photo of me on my beautiful Mio. I also has a look at the review about the Mio. It was very good. We really enjoyed our day at the Expo. Thanks for the time gave me and my husband on Saturday and thanks to the dealer on the Gold Coast that lead me to buying the Mio.

HD200 – Michael Jones, Mackay. QLD

I’ve been riding a red HD200 for 3 years with 19,000k’s on it. It is so much fun to ride. I can bring home a whole grocery shop with the great bag hook and underseat storage. I’m still on the original tyres. Great scooter, I love riding it! The big wheels keep it very stable in strong winds and it’s fun turning corners because it handles so well.

Firenze300i – Rob, Thelma and Lyn

It was a huge adventure for us to ride our Firenze Scootas on such a long ride and we enjoyed it all very much. Starting from home in Brisbane we headed south down the M1 motorway mixing it with the Christmas holiday traffic. The weather was hot, but that was better than if it was raining.

Our first day of riding took us down to the Northern Rivers area of N.S.W. Coffs Harbour and a rest for the night in Kempsey. We enjoyed the ride but it was nice to get to the air conditioned room of the motel for the night after that first day of around 500k’s. The next day saw us eager to ride on into Sydney which we did and stayed there for a couple of nights giving us time to do some riding around Sydney itself including a ride through the Lane Cove tunnel and over the Bridge was a must for us. 

After we left Sydney we continued on our ride south stopping along the way for a few minutes each hour or two and taking in the sites such as the dog on the tucker box. Albury was our next over night stop and with Melbourne now only a little over 300k’s away which would mean a much shorter day ride than we had been doing we decided to get off the main highway and take in some of the smaller towns and surrounding areas, so we headed to Beechworth for a look around and then a very nice ride along the Ovens Valley into Bright.

After a cool drink and taking in the sights at Bright we headed out of town and decided to ride up to the top of Mount Buffalo, because when will we get a chance to do that again! It was well worth the ride to see the granite plateau of Mount Buffalo by scoota.

Still staying off the Hume highway we rode the back way past the top end of a dry looking Eildon Weir then through Yea and the Yarra Valley which made a very pleasant ride to our destination on the east side of Melbourne which was our base for some day rides around the Dandenongs, around Port Phillip Bay to Portsea, Phillip Island, etc, etc.

We called into the Australian home of the Firenze at Select Scootas to meet many of the Black family and was given a tour of the scoota and spare parts filled building by Mr Neil Black, we rode away from there happy knowing that our Firenze scootas have such great backup for parts etc, if ever needed.

At almost every stop we made for fuel or just at a roadside rest stop people approached us asking about our scootas, by the time we rode home we had done close to 5,000K’s on this ride and our Firenze scootas never missed a beat, be it highway speed hour after hour, the long climb up Mount Buffalo or the stop and go traffic in any of the major cities the Firenze handled it all with ease and gave us a safe and comfortable ride on such a long trip.

With that adventure behind us we continue to ride our Firenze scootas on overnight or day rides from home most every weekend 🙂