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There are a couple of choices in the SYM 300cc scooter category. Which you choose will depend on where you want to ride. Larger models are more than ready to indulge any adventure you can imagine and will carry you and your gear without slowing down. If you want to mix this up with some commuting choose the smaller size, still with the power you’d like but flexible enough to cope with traffic as well.

The GTS300i Sport and HD300i are new to the SYM range. Meticulously finished with features you would expect to find on far more expensive bikes including a 4 year warranty.

Expanding on the original and forever favourite, the HD2 – the HD300i is a new incarnation and has all the upgrades SYM rider’s are looking for including EURO 4 homologation, ABS, chrome plated finishes, leather seat and LED lights.

The GTS300i Sport is the next level up, a larger scooter but also more features. You will go the distance with a 12L fuel tank and get there with a fuel injected system. The latest technology in huge 4 piston ABS disc brakes keeps safety in mind on this maxi-scooter. Extra’s include a cavernous under seat compartment, lockable glove box with power outlet, multi-function digital dash, twin ultra bright halogen headlights and twin LED tail lights. The GTS300i Sport is finished beautifully with subtle details like red stitching on the seat and indicators in the rear view mirrors, it is these fine points that will stay with you.