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A couple of years ago we saw a great product at an Italian scooter show, Armadillo Scooterwear. We loved it so much we got involved with the business and it is now based and operated in Australia.

The brand was initially launched in the UK and has a definite vintage vibe to the designs. Think vintage scooters with the stove pipe pants and the Brighton foreshore in the 60s. It was designed specifically for scooter riders who don’t want to be in bulky bikie gear; but we do want to look good! Armadillo Scooterwear is about us and how we ride!

All jackets include d30 shoulder and elbow armour; a premium range offering the highest levels of safety and ergonomics. Worn by some of the world’s fastest riders including MotoGP, Isle of Man TT and the Suzuka 8-hour. It’s light, flexible but still the toughest armour out there!

We are an online business and distribute worldwide, click here for more information or email us for more information.