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An SYM 50cc scooter is more popularly known as a moped; in Australia they carry an LA classification and travel at 50km/h. The perfect run-around for town, especially with all the 40 and 50km/h speed limits. Worth remembering, if you live in Qld, NT, WA or SA, you can ride a moped on your drivers licence. If you're looking for cheap and cheerful transport around the city, a moped will do the job!

SYM currently has one moped in their range; the Jet4R Naked.

The Jet4R Naked has naked handlebars and a digital dash; with a 2-stroke engine, sharp curves and plenty of decals, it is a true sports scooter. Holding its own on the road with 12 and 13" wheels and a front disc brake, the Jet4R Naked is incredible value-for-money in the 50cc market.



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