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The NEW SYM MaxSYM400i scooter is fully equipped with all the bells and whistles and extraordinarily comfortable. Top of the range and happy to carry your favourite pillion or any luggage you need.

The 4-valve fuel injected engine has plenty of power and with a 13L fuel tank, you’re set up for the long haul. The seat is stepped to give plenty of support for the riders back but also allow an elevated position for your pillion. ABS braking with huge disc brakes with dual 4 piston calipers keep you safe. Under seat storage is huge and a top box can be easily attached for long distance traveling. A power socket in the lockable glove box is handy to charge devices on the go and the multi-function dash includes a clock. To top off the list of features, twin ultra-bright halogen head lights and twin LED taillights ensures you’ll be seen. All this and a 4-year warranty!

The NEW MaxSYM400i will take you from one side of Australia to the other in luxury and comfort, what an adventure!