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What kind of scoota are you after and how much power do you need?

50cc scooter

50cc scooters are more popularly known as mopeds; in Australia they carry an LA classification and travel at 50km/h. The perfect run-around for town, especially with all the 40 and 50km/h speed limits. Worth remembering, if you live in Qld, NT, WA or SA, you can ride a moped on your drivers licence. If you’re looking for cheap and cheerful transport around the city, a moped will do the job!

125cc scooter

The next step up and great for those going a little further afield and wanting to keep up with roads up to 80km/h. A 125cc scooter is a fantastic first scooter, enough get-up-and-go to build your confidence but not an overwhelming size for those starting out. We reckon the 125cc is always a great choice as a commuter scoota!

200cc scooter

200cc scooters are equipped to take you wherever you whims take you! They have a greater footprint on the road and are usually a bit heavier to suit the longer commute. A great solution for those mixing freeway travel with inner city manoeuvrability.

300cc scooter

There are a couple of choices in the 300cc category and which you choose will depend on where you want to ride. Larger models are more than ready to indulge any adventure you can imagine and will carry you and your gear without slowing down. If you want to mix this up with some commuting choose the smaller size, still with the power you’d like but flexible enough to cope with traffic as well.

400cc scooter

Our true maxi-scooter, your dreams are all that will stop you from traveling anywhere you want. Fully equipped with all the bells and whistles and extraordinarily comfortable. Top of the range and happy with a fun pillion or any luggage you need.