SYM CityCom300i

The Scooter Review
There’s a guy, his name is Bob. Bob wants to buy a scooter. Bob wants a full size scooter that will travel well on all roads including freeways. He searches the internet and finds this very review. Bob reads review then buys scooter. He rides it thousands of miles with a massive smile on his face and lives happily ever after. This is an example of how things should work in life simply. Most people seem to make the purchasing decision a complicated process, not Bob. Bob is smart; he lets people in the privileged position of having more scooter experience guide him in his decision making.

Now I’ll describe what you might be looking for; if it by chance matches up then I will advise (tell) you what to do next. First, do you actually want a scooter or are you reading this because you were searching for some kind of city com communication devices and randomly ended up here? Second, do you have a scooter already and want to upgrade to something more powerful? Third, do you want a full size big wheeled scooter? Fourth, do you want a quality machine, and finally fifth, do you want the best value full size scooter on the market?

Okay let’s assume you’ve answered yes to all these questions, now what? Okay, maybe you should print these instructions out as they are quite detailed. First confirm that you can buy the SYM Citycom 300i in your market. If you can’t then pick up the phone or send an email to your local SYM distributor and ask them, WHY THE HELL NOT? Really, trust me on this. You’ll see the Citycom listed for sale very quickly. Next, get dressed. This really is relatively important as being naked will likely hamper your ability to haggle your way to a good deal. On the contrary, this could also increase your chances of a good price. It’s probably best to get a third party to verify ahh, your quality. In fact I’d be happy to offer an impartial judgment, provided you’re female that is. Bob’s photos still haunt me at night.

Right, next; take your preferred transport to the local SYM dealer. Actually, I must advise some clothes if you’re on a scooter as riding naked is just plain unsafe. Okay now once you’ve arrived simply walk into the dealer and say the following words. Hello sir/ma’am, do you have a SYM Citycom 300i? If they answer yes, say these words. Give it to me. Hopefully the salesperson will now procure you the scooter and you will live happily ever after. If in the unlikely event the salesperson misinterprets the meaning of “give it to me”, considering you may be naked and untoward events take place I will disavow all knowledge of this advice. This article will self destruct in ten seconds.
So the SYM Citycom is a good scooter then? Absolutely 100%, YES. Unlike some bikes this scooter didn’t need to grow on me. I knew it was special within seconds of riding it. This is not an exaggeration; I rode it out of the distributors driveway made a left turn and went, hmmm, this is good, really good, a few minutes later and I was sold. SYM had nailed it in my book. Next I decided I’d better get a second opinion in case I was losing my mind. I gave the bike to Del Fuego and he came back with exactly the same impression. Gold.

Here’s the rundown. The SYM is a big scooter and no lightweight weighing in at 184kgs, but SYM have worked a miracle of sorts because the bike doesn’t feel anywhere near that heavy, except when lifting it. (I like to carry my scooters from time to time for a good workout, it’s only fair, they schlep our lazy asses around all day, in fact I’m thinking of launching a movement, Scooter Schlep, it could be massive. Or inversely it could be a bad idea. We’ll run a poll.) On the road the Citycom is superb, it smoothes out road imperfections effortlessly due to its large 16inch wheels and well set-up suspension. The engine makes a healthy 20hp and 23.5Nm of torque; this propels the bike along at a surprisingly rapid pace considering its weight.

Ease of use wise the Citycom is about as good as it gets for a full size scooter. There’s a large under seat storage area that will actually fit a full face helmet, wet weather clothes and a Peruvian mountain cucumber. The only issue is the full face helmet needs to be no larger than a medium. If you’ve got a large or extra large sized head you’re toast, it won’t fit. This is fair as people with heads like the Deathstar need to be inconvenienced, they deserve it, I mean who wants a head like a space station. Up front there’s a lockable glove box and a nice set of very clear gauges. Given the bikes size and weight I was expecting poor fuel economy but was pleasantly surprised to return 65MPG.The bad bits. There aren’t many to be fair but I’ll list what I did come up with. The biggest problem with the Citycom is it’s so darn comfortable and effortless to ride that you may fall asleep, crash and die a horrible death. Hardly a real problem as you’ll be dead. The screen is poorly designed and really needs to be taller or shaped differently as it seems to just accelerate air directly at your cranium. This is not where air should be directed. The seat height is a little on the tall side for shorter riders and combined with the bikes weight can make it a pain to move around. That’s ’bout it.

Summing up about the SYM Citycom 300i. SYM have done a simply superb job with this scooter. It really is one of the best value for money full size scooters on the market. If you’re unfamiliar with SYM then you needn’t worry at all. They are a large Taiwanese company that have been making very high quality bikes for many years. In fact, some of the best scooters of all come out of Taiwan these days. If you’re looking for a serious full sized scooter to do all manner of commuting and even long distance riding, this is very much the bike you need to test ride first. I’m praying SYM will give us one as a long term bike. If they don’t, maybe I’ll just black mail Bob, I do have these photos of him.